The Nightmare of Technology

Writing is only the first step. There is the rigged system called publishing that seems to keep everyone out and so the only other option I could come up with was creating my own website and market the book myself. And that my dear friends is where the nightmare of technology comes in. Even with the extreme simplicity of Nationbuilder and their excellent programs, it is still no walk in the park setting up such an epic website, facebook, and twitter. You would not be reading this if my awesome technologically skilled father had not stepped in; considering I find Word too technologically advanced.

- C. D. Hulen


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  • commented 2016-11-10 21:41:52 -0500
    Hi C.D. Hulen,
    I was talking to Dori today and she was telling me that LifeWay has a publishing company and if wanted she can try to find information on how to get your book published by their company. She wants to become a writer as well, so she has already talked to a lot of people at her work that have gone through this process.
    Hope this helps,