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Hello Dreamers!

This is the place where you buy The Brethren Rise, and perhaps donate if you feel so called. 

At the moment, only the ebook is available, but only for a short time as the print copy processes.

Anyway, If you give a donation of $2.99 or more, then I will send you an email with the ebook as soon as possible. If you give a donation of $13.99 or more then I'll send you a paperback book of The Brethren Rise. 

If you would prefer to buy the book elsewhere, the ebook is available on both Amazon, Apple iTunes, Kobo, Barnes and Noble or whereever great books are sold! (Print ISBN: 978-0-9988915-0-7 ebook ISBN: 978-0-9988915-1-4)

I hope you all enjoy!

God bless and Remember, the Dream of Hope will come....

C. D. Hulen

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