Update on the Brethren Rise

Hello all,

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. Life has been quite busy.

You all will be happy to know that The Brethren Rise has now been fully edited and I am 95% finished formatting it. 

I am now pursuing self publishing with Ingram Spark due to receiving no reply from a traditional publisher. I do, however, believe that this is for the best. The experience of "doing it yourself" have been invaluable. I would not take back a minute of it. Not to mention, the many hours my father has helped me I believe has strengthened our relationship. 

Even if The Brethren Rise does not take off and become the next Narnia, I believe that the experiences I have had over the past 2 and a half years have been well worth it.

May God bless you all, and remember, The Dream of Hope Will Come. 

C. D. Hulen

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Writing My Book Proposal

First off, I apologize for the lengthy silence on my part, the holidays and school have kept me extremely busy.

Anyway, for the past few weeks I have been studying how to write a book proposal and also drafting it. At first I thought that I at least half way knew what I was doing, as I slowly composed a cover letter, synopsis, and the other requirements. I, however, was far from correct, and now am officially labeling myself as ignorant of the publishing process. 

I finally had to consult the, so it would seem, expert of every subject: my Dad.

After a full day with him, writing, revising, writing, editing, writing and more revising, I have come to the sad conclusion that I had no idea what I was doing and could increase my label to a much higher level ignorance. I also have come to the conclusion that fathers instinctively either know, or can find out how to do anything. Literally, anything. He was part technician, part plumber, and part book proposal editor today. He's amazing.

With the said comments behind me, I am proud to inform you that I have in fact sent in a book proposal to a publisher and am now awaiting their reply... I would say hold your breath and cross your fingers, but due to the fact that it could be up to eight weeks until they reply, if they reply at all, I would not advise doing either. Rather, I ask you to pray that God's will would be done. 

Thank you and God bless,

- C. D. Hulen

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Spontaneous praise for The Brethren Rise!

My friend, PowerfulPenPerson, recently had a writing assignment and she wrote this! Thanks PowerfulPenPerson!!

The Merits of The Brethren Rise as a book series

Can The Brethren Rise be a good book series? The Brethren Rise is a book series being written by C. D. Hulen of the One Year Adventure Novel forum, residing in the genre of self-proclaimed 'over-the-top historical fiction.' The first lies on the showcase of books submitted to the OYAN novel contest, gladly proclaiming the glory of a novel finished in but one year. The second book, still living in a novel-in-progress topic on the forum, has but three chapters completed, but the glory of the chapters shines as bright as a waterfall in the depths of the river of time. The Brethren Rise exists in such splendor it would be hard to deny its exuberant presence. It is a book series of such inestimable worth that we ought all appreciate its wonder.

Why is The Brethren Rise a good book series? First we must address the question of what makes book series great. For a book series to be great, it must have a plot complicated enough to sustain all the books, well-developed and interesting characters, and good writing quality. The cast of The Brethren Rise is populated by characters of such timbre that they leap off the page and threaten you, characters with flaws and with admirable qualities, characters who stumble awkwardly along in their life, leading you along into their ultimate decisions and life lessons. The Brethren Rise captures the span of human emotion and conflict, ensnaring its readers into a web of epic struggles and desperate battles. And lastly, the words on the paper evoke so much more than the simple black ink they truly are, they bring to mind true life, and real events. The glory in the telling is the splendor of the prose.

Is The Brethren Rise really a good book series? It doesn't stand up to the arcs of Lord of the Rings or War and Peace—which in all rights should be a series, having three thousand pages and three books within the one volume—and has odd typos and misspellings and inconsistencies. But underneath all this, is not crystal clear the quality of this work? Perhaps it may help to bear in mind that the author is yet only fifteen, while Leo Tolstoy was forty-two when War and Peace was brought to the public eye, and J.R.R. Tolkien sixty-two. C. D. Hulen is not only brimful of confidence to publicly share his work so early, but also nearly thirty years before other the penners of other great epic sagas. His expertise may be lacking, but his story is not. His books have all the grandiose of the classics, and certainly have great quality.

Now then if The Brethren Rise is a good book series, what action ought be promulgated from our decision hence? Firstly, we should read it. If someone offers a tasty treat, and proclaims its wonders and good characteristics, it would be an odd course of action to deny oneself the pleasure of following this recommendation, unless good reasons were set forth. Our second action ought be to further analyze the merits of this excellent series, and to spread further the good word, alerting others to the wonders to be unearthed. The admirable series should not be left unknown and unheralded in the depths of the student forum. It should be shared with acquaintances, devoured by hungry siblings with a taste for epic fiction, and generally expanded to the ends of the earth. Lastly, this work should be praised. Do not forget C. D. in your gushing rivulets of praise for his books. A book—and especially not a book series so grand as this one—owes its life to its creator, so even as we owe our life stories to our Creator. With due encouragement, it is altogether likely The Brethren Rise shall continue into long life and prosperity.

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The Nightmare of Technology

Writing is only the first step. There is the rigged system called publishing that seems to keep everyone out and so the only other option I could come up with was creating my own website and market the book myself. And that my dear friends is where the nightmare of technology comes in. Even with the extreme simplicity of Nationbuilder and their excellent programs, it is still no walk in the park setting up such an epic website, facebook, and twitter. You would not be reading this if my awesome technologically skilled father had not stepped in; considering I find Word too technologically advanced.

- C. D. Hulen

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