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About the Author

C. D. Hulen, the author of The Brethren Rise, the first book in the series The Dream of Hope, was born in Virginia where he was homeschooled along with his six other siblings. From a very young age, C. D. has been telling stories; however due to his struggle with dyslexia, he was unable to read or write until age 11. Nevertheless, that did not stop his parents from feeding his passion for stories and storytelling. From listening to history, the Chronicles of Narnia, or learning the way of the LORD through the Bible and prayer, C. D. Hulen was still able to experience the magic of storytelling.

C. D. Hulen began The Brethren Rise on January 13th of 2015, at the age of 14. When it began, it was originally a setup for a book that was later put down. By January of 2016, the third draft of the book was finally completed, and C. D. began a much deeper edit that ended in August with the last draft.

The Brethren Rise now published and available in most online bookstores and C. D. Hulen is now working to complete the grand sequel. His hope for the Dream of Hope series is ultimately to help people come to Christ by creating characters and stories that can be related to and connected with. Even just one person being impacted for the good of Christ would make it more than worth it.

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